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Here are some ways to bold a text (and only this text, not the following part of the document): \textbf{Text to bold} {\bfseries Text to bold}. kbcnet.info › questions › bfseries-is-to-textbf-as-what-is-.

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By Nishakar - 17:25
The command you want is \sffamily. I don't know why bold is a series (other font weights are too; it's probably a typographical term), but it.
By Dumuro - 16:50
In your preamble. This would equate the definition of \bfseries with \bold (and others) at the time of call, allowing you to use them as you wish.
By Daijind - 18:17
Having read any LATEX introduction of your choice (for instance, Family, series and shape can be combined, e.g., \bfseries\itshape results in.
By Moogule - 08:02
The font-selection commands of LaTeX were \rm, \sf, \tt, \it, \sl, \em and \bf The default set of modal commands offers weights \mdseries and \bfseries.
By Jusho - 12:40
\titleformat{\section}{\normalfont\bfseries\color{blue}}{\thesection}{em how could i do that? my latex engine is xelatex. thanks for the help.

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